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  Stephanie Ditta
Bioinformatics Program Coordinator
Molecular Biology and Biotechnology Professor (BIF804)

Stephanie Ditta received a B.Sc. in Life Sciences and a M.B.A. from Queen's University. She then went on to complete a M.Sc. in Zoology (molecular genetics) at the University of Western Ontario and a Ph.D. in Molecular and Medical Genetics at the University of Toronto. Stephanie has also worked as a research grant administrator for the Human Frontier Science Program, an international granting agency. She is currently teaching courses in the biological sciences, mathematics and physics.

  John Samuel
Perl for Bioinformatics Professor (BIF714)
Concepts of Programming II Professor (BIF802)

John Samuel obtained his B.Sc. at the University of Guelph, and included courses in Genetics and Molecular Biology in his studies. Recent industry experience includes work in the recreation and health care fields, using Unix, Java, and Internet-related languages and technologies. He is now a full-time professor in the School of Computer Studies, and has taught courses in basic and advanced Java programming, Internet programming, and Linux shell programming, in both the diploma and post-diploma programs. He has recently developed and delivered a seminar on wireless application programming and m-commerce development at Comdex Canada West in Vancouver.
  Burke Cullen
Technical Communication Professor (BIF803)

Burke Cullen received his Ph.D. in English from U of T in 1994. He then completed a three-year sessional appointment at U of T before joining Seneca College in the Faculty of Technology. He has several years of experience teaching business and technical communications, and since coming to Seneca@York, he has worked closely with faculty in both the diploma and post-diploma programs of the School of Biological Sciences and Applied Chemistry developing contextualized, case-driven technical communication courses.
  Dan Fieldhouse
Bioinformatics I (BIF701) Professor
Bioinformatics II (BIF801) Professor

  Danny Abesdris
Concepts of Programming (BIF702) Professor

  Murray Saul
Concepts of Programming (BIF713) Professor

  Jean Paul Paraiso
Biological Databases Professor (BIF805)
  Greg Pitt
Bioinformatics Statistics Professor (BIF705)



Information concerning financial aid and scholarships for Bioinformatics students is available at http://www.senecac.on.ca/registrar/financialaid/l

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